How to Avoid Bank Impersonation Scams

August 31, 2023

What is a Bank Impersonation Scam?

Bank impersonation scams are a type of fraud in which a scammer pretends to be a representative of a bank or financial institution in order to obtain sensitive information or money from unsuspecting victims. These scams can be conducted via phone, text message, or email to trick the victim into providing their personal and financial information.


Examples of Bank Impersonation Scams

A common example of this scam involves the fraudster contacting the victim and claiming to be a representative from their financial institution. They may insist there is an issue or unauthorized activity with the customer’s account. The scammer will then ask the victim to provide personal information such as their account number or PIN in order to resolve the issue.

Another type of a bank impersonation scam involves the fraudster sending a phony email or text message that appears to be from the victim’s bank. The message may ask the targeted individual to click on a link or provide sensitive information to verify their account. However, the link will take the victim to a fake website, resembling their bank’s website, that is actually intended to steal their personal and financial information.


How do I Protect Myself?

To protect yourself from bank impersonation scams, it is important to remain vigilant when giving out personal or financial information. Be cautious when receiving unsolicited phone calls, emails, or text messages from individuals claiming to be from your financial institution. Refrain from providing sensitive information unless you are certain of the validity of the request. If you receive a suspicious message or call, contact your bank directly using a authenticated phone number or website to verify the request.


Please keep in mind that Parke Bank will never contact you to ask for personal information such as social security numbers, debit card pins or online banking passwords. If you receive a phone call, text or email from someone stating they are from Parke Bank, please call 1.866.727.5325 to verify the legitimacy of the request.