Positive Pay

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is a fraud prevention tool used by business customers to protect against check fraud.

If your business relies on checks to pay vendors or employees, consider adding Parke Bank’s Positive Pay Service to protect your business from potential check fraud. Positive Pay is a service that allows easy detection of counterfeit and fraudulent checks before they impact your account.

How does Positive Pay work?

Your business uploads a Positive Pay file containing issued check data. Checks presented for payment against your account are compared to your Positive Pay file. Any check not listed in your Positive Pay file (and thus potentially fraudulent) is flagged as an exception for examination. Your business then contacts us with a “pay” or “return” decision for each item.

What information is needed in the issued check file?

The file must contain your Account Number, Check Number(s), Issue Date(s), Check Status (Issued) and Amount(s) and may also contain a description such as the payee name or memo.

Can I export a Positive Pay file from my Accounting/Bookkeeping software?

Yes. Most accounting software will have an option to export a Positive Pay file in a format that is compatible with our Positive Pay System.

What file formats does Parke Bank accept for issued check files?

Our Positive Pay system requires a tab-delimited text file with no header or trailer information. This file can be created using a text editing program or may be easily extracted from your accounting or bookkeeping software. You also have the option of manually entering the check information if you do not have the software to create a Positive Pay File.

What is the deadline for submitting my Positive Pay file?

Our file-processing software will look for your Positive Pay file 3 times per day. To ensure that your file is picked up by our software, you should submit it 30 minutes prior to the deadlines below:
10:00 AM ET
4:00 PM ET
8:00 PM ET

What if a check is written after a file has been submitted?

If a check is written after a file has been submitted, you can either upload an updated file or submit the check(s) using the Add New Issued Check option. This option will allow you to enter a single check or a series of checks without having to create and upload a new file.

What if I forget to upload a file?

It is very important that every check you issue is included in your Positive Pay file. If there is no file uploaded, ALL items presented for payment will be returned unpaid. When you first sign up for our Positive Pay Service, it is important that all of your outstanding checks are included in your first Positive Pay file or these items will be returned unpaid.

What if I upload the wrong file?

The bank can easily delete an incorrect file. If a file needs to be deleted, please contact the eBanking Department at 609-646-6677.

What if my business uses temporary checks or cycles the same check numbers?

Special care should be taken if using temporary checks or re-using check numbers. If your Positive Pay file contains a check number that has recently cleared, the Positive Pay system will not create exceptions on this item.

How will our business be notified if there are exceptions to be processed?

Your designated Positive Pay Contact will receive a phone call if there are exceptions to be processed.

What time is the exception processing deadline?

The exception processing deadline is 11:00 AM EST.

What happens if a decision is not made to exceptions by 11:00 AM?

To safeguard your account, exceptions not processed by 11:00 AM ET will receive an automatic decision of “return”.

What happens if someone tries to cash a check at a Parke Bank branch?

The entire Parke Bank branch network is covered by Positive Pay protection. Any checks presented to a branch teller are compared to your company’s Positive Pay File. If the check does not match the information in the file, Parke Bank will contact your business for authorization to cash the check. Calls are made during normal banking hours Monday through Friday. In the event that we cannot contact you, the item will not be paid.

Can multiple users access Positive Pay?

Yes. Positive Pay is a part of our Parke24 Business Online Banking suite. Your business will designate an administrator for your online banking account. The administrator can add additional authorized users with specific user permissions to enable them to use Positive Pay.

Are there fees associated with Positive Pay?

Parke Bank is currently offering Positive Pay free of charge!

How do I sign up for Positive Pay?

To sign up for Positive Pay or any of our Cash Management Services, please contact our eBanking Department at 609-646-6677 or visit any one of our branch offices during banking hours.

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