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The STEAM Ahead College Experience is a residential, academic and leadership program for high school students with a focus on college preparation across the “STEAM” disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts/Liberal Arts, and Mathematics). What sets the STEAM experience apart from other initiatives is an additional focus on career preparation in these disciplines.


The STEAM Ahead College Experience focuses on promoting access to high school students in our region and beyond. The program allows high school students (rising sophomores) to get a head start in their thinking and planning regarding career and college options, and offers them the chance to earn 3 credits of transferable college-level credit at Rowan as well as participation in a carefully-selected combination of career/college/and leadership training and workshops with their peers and college leaders. These opportunities will not only serve to guide students as they strive to gain access to college, but will also provide them with a framework for a successful college career that will focus on developing well-rounded individuals who are prepared to enter the workforce and can seamlessly transition upon entry. The Action Plan provided at the conclusion of the STEAM Ahead College Experience includes recommendations for achieving success not only while in college, but also in career selection and in building the soft skills necessary to successfully gain and maintain employment. This program addresses the continuum of education from high school through workforce entry by navigating students through the college process, and by creating pathways to success that are individual to each participant.

The STEAM Academy, with its focus on science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics, gave students an unforgettable opportunity to live and learn on Rowan’s main campus. Students took the course “Selected Topics: The Physics of Human Movement – Sports, Exercise, and Dance,” and enjoyed weekly STEAM-focused field trips including outings to Philadelphia’s Mutter Museum, the University of Pennsylvania’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology and the Inversand Fossil Park in Mantua where they participated in an actual archeological dig.

Intended to whet their appetite for higher education, Rowan’s STEAM Academy gave students from Salem, Glassboro, Paulsboro, Washington Township and Camden an early taste of college.

In addition to our financial sponsorship and to further its commitment to the financial literacy of our youth, Daniel Sulpizio Senior Vice President of ParkeBank will be teaching a “Money Matters” course to the STEAM participants.