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Position  Loan File Clerk   (Full Time Position)

The Loan File Clerk is responsible for maintaining loan files for the bank, learning the loan policies and verifying all files contain the required documents, releasing loan files and collateral files in accordance with established guidelines to the proper party, keeping track of the files when they are out of the file room. Assures compliance with all Bank policies and procedures, as well as, all applicable state and federal banking regulations.

Job Duties:

File records away in alphabetical or numerical order
Scan and code files for proper placement to core system
Retrieve files as necessary
Ensure if files are retrieved that they are returned and filed appropriately
Clean and maintain file space
Manage all database and records
Purge old files
Create new entries as needed
Log all files that are removed
Photocopy files when necessary
Ensure that files are accessible
Ensure no material in files are lost or misplaced
Prior experience in Loan documentation preferred.
Knowledge of OSI Programs and Laser Pro Programs helpful.
Assistant Loan department as needed with projects.
Performs all other duties as assigned by Management as related to the Bank and its functions

Job Skills and Requirements:

Communication skills
Some banking/mortgage knowledge
Computer skills; files are often managed electronically, and databases can be complex. File clerk needs to be able to understand and use computers
Organization; Databases need organization to work correctly. Ensuring files are properly filed so they can be retrieved later is imperative
People Skills: Employees come to the file clerk to get help finding information; Being a friendly, active listener will be helpful

Excellent benefits such as Medical, Dental and Life Insurance, Paid Vacation, Sick and Holidays Days, 401K Plan Eligibility.

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