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Remote Deposit Xpress

Deposit checks at your desk!

Save Time, and as a Business Owner that means Money! No more traveling to the bank, waiting in bank lines, and taking valuable time away from your customers! Simplicity best describes ParkeBank’s Remote Deposit Xpress!

Remote Deposit is the latest in banking technology that provides you the capability of depositing checks into your account safely & securely without having to leave your office. It is like bringing the bank to your business!

Getting started is simple and made even easier with our expert staff assisting you along the way.

All you need to get started is –

  • Your computer
  • A digital desktop check scanner
  • Our secure software package

Once you are set up for ParkeBank’s Remote Deposit Xpress simply –

  • Run your checks through your digital scanner
  • Confirm that the digital deposit slip is correct
  • Click “Send”
  • Then you receive your confirmation

From Setup to Making Your First Deposit

The process itself is extremely easy and secure. We use the latest security protocols to ensure that your information is safe. Scanned images are kept on your PC for your viewing and verification. We also keep a copy should you be unable to access your images. We will even come to you to set up your scanner and train you and your staff!

What are the Benefits?

You no longer need to fight traffic to get to the nearest branch, wait in line and make your deposit. You can deposit funds right now, reduce administrative time and the expense associated with preparing deposits. You can spend more time with your customers. Remote Deposit Xpress is just one more way ParkeBank can make your life, or at least your banking, easier.

It’s time to get out of line and online with ParkeBank’s Remote Deposit Xpress! For more details give us a call or stop into any ParkeBank location.


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The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has permanently increased deposit insurance on all accounts to $250,000 per depositor.

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