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Are you a member at a bank that uses interactive teller machines?  If so, you may have interacted with one of the remote bank tellers on a video or audio chat.  You may wonder, who are these bankers you’re speaking with?  What is happening on the other side of those machines?

Interactive bank tellers have all of the same qualifications and skills of bank tellers at a branch.  Many of them have at one point worked as bank tellers in a live branch.  They have friendly personalities with excellent customer services skills, and they have a wide breadth of knowledge in all banking transactions.

These tellers spend their day like any normal teller would.  They work from a computer and deal with transactions that come in through the ITM machines.  Whether they work remotely or from a call center with other interactive tellers, they handle skype video calls that are sent to them from live customers using ITM machines.  Video tellers know that they have to be ready for any range of questions from customers.

The goal for every video teller is to handle customer requests in a way that is efficient, friendly, and as smooth as possible.  Many video tellers make customers feel so at ease that they forget they’re not speaking with that teller in person.  Video tellers are still expected to dress professionally and act as though they are actually present in the bank branch.

Of course, there are pros and cons to working as a video teller.  They enjoy the convenience of being able to work remotely.  This allows banks to hire tellers without worrying about how close they live to a branch.  This also lets tellers have more freedom in what companies they can work for.

If you are a person with bank telling knowledge and experience who excels in customer service and technology, video bank telling could be a great fit for you!  Contact us to learn more about Parke Bank’s interactive tellers.